Rosebud Squalane Oil Lotion

Rosebud Squalane Oil Lotion

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Squalane oil is the hydrogenated, shelf-stable version of squalene.  Squalene is a fat, that is naturally produced by the oil glands in our skin to hydrate and maintain the barrier of our skin. Over time our glands produce less squalene which leads to dry, brittle, wrinkled skin. The Benefits of using Squalane oil are: 

  • Mimics the skin's Sebum (oil)
  • Protects against UV Rays damaging effects to the skin
  • Provides a natural glow and vibrant look to the skin
  • Great for use on all skin types
  • Does not clog the pores and prevents water loss from the skin
  • Quick Absorption and gives you a long-lasting moisturized feel to the skin

Our Plant Based luxurious Silky Scented Squalane oil lotion which contains nourishing ingredients that will quench and moisturize your skin.  A little goes a long way!

Key Ingredients: Squalane Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E

Scent: Sweet but Subtle Rose

Unscented Available